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Yonat Liss

Yonat Liss is a senior health education instructor and has worked for many years in the field of assistance to developing countries in general and African countries in particular, with an emphasis on education and health education. Together with Dr. Anita Nudelman, she developed interactive and culturally sensitive courses on "Education for Sexual Health and AIDS Prevention among Teenagers". In the past, she also coordinated Israeli aid activities at the Israeli embassy in Ethiopia. Yonat was a partner in the establishment of NALA along with Prof. Zvi Bentwich, and served for 7 years as the Director of Operations and Training Development of the organization.


As a part of the NALA ‘Birth’ Process, it is important for her to accompany the organization into "adulthood" and influence its future path.

Today Yonat is paving her way in a new world of invention and development of games and toys, and in the future hopes to connect this world to the world of aid and development. She has a BA in African Studies from Ben Gurion University.

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