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Hands and face charts serve as a visual representation of the current cleanliness of a child’s hands and face.

  1. Each child prepares two drawings of their hand, one where it appears dirty and the other where it appears clean.

  2. Children also do the same with two drawings of their face.

  3. Once these drawings are prepared and individually labeled, the charts are hung up in the classroom or household, with one side facing outwards (visible) and the other side hidden.

  4. The visible side should reflect the current cleanliness status of the child. If a child’s hands/face are dirty, the dirty chart should be visible.

  5. The child may turn over the drawing and display the clean side only after washing.


The clean and dirty hands and face charts serve as a visual reminder for the children of the need to keep clean at all times. It also serves as a reminder for teachers and parents to frequently monitor the children’s cleanliness. 

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