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Humanitarian Support for Vulnerable Populations in Ethiopia

In Tigray region of Ethiopia, recent clashes between the regional and federal forces have resulted in the mass displacement of civilians and a rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation for more than a million people. To prevent the crisis from becoming a catastrophe, NALA is joining forces with IsraAID and CultivAid, and partnering with OSSHD Tigray on the ground to provide water, food, and hygiene materials to high-need communities. As many roads to the region are still blocked, our team in the region is uniquely placed to provide support in this critical time.

The work on the ground has already begun with regular water distribution to 2000 families in Mekelle. Next, the team plans to provide food assistance to chronically ill people, such as those suffering from HIV, and hygiene supplies to three camps of internally displaced peoples (IDPs). With our partners, our future plans include psychosocial support for those experiencing acute trauma.

This activity continues NALA's efforts over the last year to support internally displaced peoples (IDPs) and other vulnerable populations throughout Ethiopia. Though NALA is primarily a public health organization working in international development, this year has brought new challenges that have evolved our work to include humanitarian outreach to IDPs and other vulnerable communities in Tigray, SNNPR, and Amhara. This work is not political and only addresses the humanitarian and public health needs of the population. Please support us in these efforts.

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