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COVID-19 Response - Innovation in Action

A core value of NALA is innovation, and we strive to find novel and effective strategies to prevent disease and inspire change. Hand-washing: We built locally-designed and locally-constructed hand-washing stations in five cities. These stations are operated by foot, reducing the risk of cross-contamination from using the hands to turn on and off the tap. They also save water, since the water automatically turns off without active pressure on the pedal. Physical distancing: NALA supplied paint to churches to mark areas for safe prayer. Volunteers in Mekelle also painted distancing lines in busy areas. Messaging: Our team used radio, TV, and social media to deliver important health messages. For the rural areas, we also employed "mobile" messaging-- loudspeakers on a van.

Children's Campaign: Young children may feel scared and confused about coronavirus and all the changes happening. NALA developed comics, radio shows, and stories for parents to use with children during this stressful time. The comics can be found on our website here, and a children's story that we translated is here.

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