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Gebrehewot Dagnew: my combat against the spread of COVID-19

I was born and grew up in Adigrat town, and then I studied English at Jimma University. After graduation, I became a teacher in Adwa, where while working on projects with Peace Corps volunteers, I first came into contact with NALA. With a quick response by our community and help from NALA, we have been able to prepare and educate the Adwa residents on how to slow the spread of COVID-19. Sixteen foot-operated handwashing stations have now been installed near health centers, and a mobile speaker campaign was very effective in spreading information to the public. The local response has been very encouraging. One day on my way home, I noticed a priest who was walking alone. A man went up to him to try and kiss his cross. But the priest said: "Let's meet after Corona disappears -- to kiss" and continued on his way. This event gave me hope.

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