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Support NALA in building a healthier future for children in Ethiopia

*Donations are tax exempt in the US and Israel*

Your donation can support our innovative work in schools and communities at risk for poverty-related diseases, such as intestinal worms and blinding trachoma. One of our successful pilots from last year was an early childhood education program in collaboration with Early Starters and Light for the World. Though young children (ages 1-9) are most at risk for blinding trachoma, they are often overlooked by health programs. This innovative program was tailored for the unique educational needs of young children, and it encouraged healthy habit creation from a young age. Teachers like Aberu, pictured above, benefited from the training. She is currently teaching our early childhood program in the district of Hinatalo Wajirat, Tigray. The photo shows her using a cartoon figure named Toto to educate and motivate children to use healthy hygiene practices and protect them against trachoma. "I was always wondering how we could approach subjects that are also important for students' well being. The training has opened my eyes and has shown me how we can do that; especially after I demonstrated what I learned in the classroom with the kids and I saw how engaged and enthusiastic they were," said Aberu.

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