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Celebrating our Collaboration with Super School of Five

NALA has joined the Super School of Five, a collaborative project that sees school children as change agents to increase face and handwashing behaviors. The main focus of this project is to address malnutrition and stunting in line with the Ministry of Education’s School Health Program Framework, and is a partnership with Sightsavers International, Unilever, and Big Win Philanthropy. The Super School of Five program has been successfully implemented in Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria and other areas of Ethiopia with good results. This project will directly benefit 250,000 students from 120 schools in the Tigray region and 167 schools in Amhara. The behavioral change program is based on four pillars: Awareness, Commitment, Reinforcement, and Reward. We are excited to join this project and further contribute to improving health for children in Ethiopia.

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