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Early Childhood Education

A new program is being piloted in Tigray region focusing on Trachoma health education for children below six years of age. Health interventions are currently geared primarily toward school aged children; but given that children age 1-9 are at highest risk for the early stages of trachoma, this program aims to fill the gap and address the younger set of preschool to first grade. NALA has teamed up with ‘Early Starters International’, an NGO specializing in early childhood education to develop an intervention targeting the younger children through 2 main avenues - the parents (and communities), and the kindergarten classes. A pilot test of the material was carried out in collaboration with ‘Light for the World’- NALA’s partner in the Tigray region. A main pillar of the kindergarten intervention was “Toto”, a cartoon character with whom the children can form an emotional connection. Toto helps the children learn about proper hygiene and sanitation, which will lead to sustainable behavioral change.

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