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Enhancing community health in Dembia

Students enrolled in a one year project management course from the University of Gondar traveled to rural areas in Dembia to carry out community based interventions. The course is run by Zemichael Gizaw, head of the university's Department of Environmental and Occupation Health and Safety. First a health survey was conducted to assess individual and community health issues. Drugs were distributed to children with intestinal worms, and water quality and environmental conditions were evaluated. Next the students facilitated interactive education activities involving community members on all levels. They prepared this teaching poster which contains information on disease vectors and how to mitigate their effect on our health. This project is supported by NALA and funded by the JDC. “There are a number of individuals or teams who usually come here. They usually interview us; they usually visit our living area; and they usually give a promise as they can solve our problems. But, no one can do as you can do. You diagnosed our kids and you provided medication. You also give relevant advices how we promote the health of our families.”

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