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Dr. Reut Barak Weekes  


Dr. Reut Barak Weekes is the academic director of the Glocal Program for International Development at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is an economist by training. She specializes in the social and community impact of financial interventions in East Africa. Reut has been a member of the Board of Directors and the audit committee of the Israeli branch of Sid for five years and is involved in other projects concerned with social responsibility.

Reut is very committed to the field of international development through direct work with communities. Work in the Glocal program has exposed her to various work methods from dozens of organizations. She happily brings the knowledge and experience to support specific NALA activities, such as formulating work strategies, long-term planning and control of ongoing activities, as well as other issues that I will be required to do.

Reut has a PhD from SOAS University of London.

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