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Mandie Winston 


Mandie Winston has over two decades of field and management experience in the community development, international development and disaster response sector and holds an MSc from the New School in International Relations specializing in Development Economics. She currently serves as the CEO of UJIA in the UK and Israel.


During her 18-year tenure at the American Jewish Join Distribution Committee (JDC), Mandie led flagship emergency response and disaster recovery programs in Sri Lanka, Haiti, the Philippines and Nepal and coordinated efforts for Syrian refugees. She also led the launch of a cutting-edge international development initiative which addresses poverty among smallholder farmers in Ethiopia through access to Israeli agricultural technology, knowledge and finance. Working in Russia, Mandie founded women's health programs focused on early detection of breast cancer and support for survivors.


Mandie’s commitment to the work of the NALA Foundation stems from her firm belief in the power of community to transform lives and that access to free healthcare is a human right.

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