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Dr. Einav Levy


Dr. Einav Levy is the Founding Director of The Israeli School of Humanitarian Action and Lucien Research center for Humanitarian Action. He is also the head of the Stress, Trauma, and Resilience program at Tel-Hai College and Innovation Associate in Binnovate Digital Health B.V. Einav is a director and entrepreneur with a profound experience in the interface between civil society organizations and the business, governmental, and academic sectors, and is an expert in humanitarian action. Einav was a COO of an organization, which promotes development in Africa, a CEO of an NGO dealing with International Humanitarian Action, and is a founding member of SID-ISRAEL (Society of International Development) and a member of its first board. He led humanitarian and social missions in countries including Jordan, Haiti, Serbia, Zambia, Greece, and Uganda.

Einav is a consultant of several Israeli Ministries (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Welfare, Ministry of Social equality, and Ministry of Education) on the topics of managing people in emergencies, systems in crisis, and community resilience.

Einav holds a Master's degree in Management of Emergency and Disasters Situations from Tel Aviv University, and a Ph.D in Medical Sciences from the Liberal University of Brussels. His main academic work is focused on resilience, communities in emergencies, health, and behavior among populations at risk, migrants, and minorities. Einav has teaching experience in Johns Hopkins University, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Hai College, and Haifa University among others. Einav is a reviewer in several academic journals such as AIDS and Behavior and The International Journal of Equity in Health and serves as a guest editor in The Journal of International Humanitarian Action.

His aim is to help NALA grow financially and extend its scope through networking and guiding organizational practices to accommodate growth. 

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