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Behavior Change

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Using latrines instead of going outdoors, frequently washing hands and avoiding swimming in the rivers are all habits which the local community are not accustomed to. However, since these are the root causes of diseases NALA’s interventions focus on them; educating the community to adopt new, healthier habits. 

Changing behaviors is complex and requires expertise in understanding the context, cultures, needs, and wants of a community. NALA focuses on its core value of partnership to ensure that effective tools and materials for community interventions are developed. 

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This partnership includes consultations with local formal and informal leaders, and community members, whereby tools and materials undergo several testing periods before they are rolled out to the rest of the community. These materials are then delivered through pre-existing structures such as the healthcare workers, a vital component of Ethiopia’s healthcare system.  to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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Abiot Teka, is one of the health extension workers cascading NALA’s materials and teaching community members and children about schistosomiasis including how to recognize symptoms, avoid contracting it and the importance of using latrines wherever possible. Children are targeted due to their exposure, vulnerability, and potential. 

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