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Joint Merck-FMoH-NALA Community Intervention BMZ

The following provides tools for leading a successful program to improve community health. Sessions focus on key information for disease prevention, such as improving personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness.


LFTW-NALA Community Intervention Tigray

This handbook is a tool for health and educational professionals, social activists and all who aim to create positive change in the global health field. This handbook elaborates on the stages of project implementation from start to finish, guiding the user through the process. 

Coming soon in Tigrinya

Joint Sightsavers-FMoH-NALA Community Intervention SNNPR

The following tools are designed for female health volunteer training, with the aim of providing essential and relatable messaging for women and children in remote areas on the importance of hygiene for neglected tropical disease prevention.

Download in English
Download in Amharic
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