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Bench Maji 

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Set in the serene backdrop of lush forests and greenery, the population is largely rural with limited access to healthcare, adequate water sources, and sanitary latrines.

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The region is tropical, experiencing rainfall 9 months of the year, resulting in a rich landscape of coffee, spices, and honey, in addition to a range of food crops. These food crops are sold by farmers in markets in Mizan Aman, the nearest town, where locals come to trade, buying produce to be cooked on solid fuel fires in their homes.  

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Despite its untouched beauty the area is endemic to schistosomiasis, a disease that impacts the lives of over 200 million people globally each year and is the cause of chronic pain, disabilities, and in severe cases, death. One child infected in Bench Maji is Manyazawel who caught the infection while playing in the river with his friends. 

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